Shuvalov's jet apparently belongs to his son

Shuvalov's jet apparently belongs to his son
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The lavish lifestyle of the Russian deputy prime minister has long been the favorite topic in media. However, while Shuvalov's limousines and luxury apartments are of no surprise to anybody anymore, the Bombardier Global Express business jet, questions about which the deputy tries to avoid, remains to be the red rag to a bull.

In his author's program, the Chief Editor of Ekho Moskvy Alexey Venediktov tried to reduce the tension over the undeclared aircraft worth 52 million dollars, used by the deputy's wife to take her elite Corgi-Pembroke Welsh dogs to international exhibitions.

Claiming that he saw with his own eyes the documents certifying this fact, he stated that Shuvalov uses the Bombardier (to which Aleksey Navalny's FBK dedicated a special anti-corruption investigation) on a leasehold basis, approved by the relevant agreement.

According to him, Shuvalov family's offshore company Regional Property Developments bought the jet in 2009 for credit funds, provided by Shuvalovs to Suleyman Kerimov’s structure for purchasing Gazprom shares. This version is confirmed by a quote from Vedomosti as of May 12, 2012, revealing that about 80-100 million dollars were credited to the account of Shuvalov's company; a third of the money was used to buy the aircraft.

In 2013, when the State Duma passed a resolution on foreign assets of state officials, Shuvalovs moved their companies to Russia; however, they could not move two of them, including Altitude, in the name of which the Bombardier with a tail number M-VQBI was registered, due to legal nuances of the countries of their registration (for example, Altitude's homeport is Bermudas).

Then Shuvalovs presented the company with the jet to their 20-year-old son Evgeniy, who had just served a military service at the Naval Special Forces. The transaction in the form of act of purchase and sale was concluded on July 31, 2013.

Venediktov concluded, that the Deputy Prime Minister's family still uses the jet, noting that he had seen a lease agreement between physical persons Igor and Olga Shuvalov and Altitude, as well as the invoices, according to which Shuvalovs pay for each special flight using their personal accounts in VTB Bank.

These documents indicate that the richest Russian government official and his wife pay not only for renting the jet belonging to their son's company, but also for its maintenance, which is provided by Global Jet.

In the meantime, Igor Shuvalov's jet, which created a sensation in the media, has caused the Deputy of the Spravedlivaya Rossiya Oleg Shein to appeal to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, asking him to determine whether the First Deputy really owns the elite aircraft, as according to the deputy, this contradicts the fundamental paragraphs the Code of Ethics and Official Conduct of Public Officials.



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