Shuvalov may be stripped of his honorary resident of Vladivostok title

Shuvalov may be stripped of his honorary resident of Vladivostok title

The scandal in the media about elite breeds of dogs belonging to the family of Igor Shuvalov flying to the exhibition on the business jet continues to affect the reputation and authority of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Yesterday it became known that a request to the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev to verify the information of the Alexei Navalny’s Anticorruption Fund was addressed by the State Duma Deputy from the Spravedlivaya Rossiya party Oleg Shein. Today, the former Deputy of the Vladivostok City Duma, a historian and an activist of the party Rossiyskiye pensionery za spravedlivost (Russian pensioners for justice) Valery Koroljuk made a stand against the Deputy Prime Minister.

In particular, he has published a petition on the website to strip the Vice-Premier of his honorary resident of Vladivostok title.

This title was awarded to Igor Shuvalov on May 29, 2014, followed by a solemn obtainment certain regalia a few months later: medals, certificates, special sign, ribbon and diploma.

When the petition will be signed by 500 people (and they will sign it, because only today more than 70 people signed it), it will be sent to the Vladivostok Duma, the document says.

Information on the use of the jet Bombardier Global Express which costs $ 50 million by Igor Shuvalov’s family came from the Anticorruption Fund (FBK) on July 14th. According to media reports, the business jet only in 2015 flew for 100 million rubles in the Shuvalov estate in Salzburg, Austria.



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