Shuvalov can be dismissed from government because of deception in declarations 

Shuvalov can be dismissed from government because of deception in declarations
Navalny accused Shuvalov of breaking the law Photo: © The CrimeRussia

The Anti-corruption foundation (the FBK) found that, by law, the plane, which is not mentioned in declarations and on which the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister drove her Corgi dogs to shows, can knock back Igor Shuvalov a position in the Government.

According to the FBK, Bombardier Global Express aircraft with onboard M-VQBI number of $ 52 million is issued by the offshore company, but its flights precisely coincide with the data of Shuvalov and his wife's travel, so the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister own jet is considered in the fund as proven.

In this regard, the FBK's campaigners made a statement in the name of the Head of the President's anti-corruption Department Oleg Plohoy, in which they demanded to remove Shuvalov from office.

It is possible, because if the fact of possession of undeclared aircraft is proven, the Deputy Prime Minister will come under the federal law №79 “On civil service”. According to it, for "knowingly providing false or incomplete information" in the official declarations the official could face dismissal due to "loss of confidence".

Earlier, the State Duma Deputy from Spravedlivaya Rossiya party Oleg Shein has officially appealed to Dmitry Medvedev, the Head of government, with the requirement to examine the information, received as a result of the FBK's investigation regarding to the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

Before that FBK had established that the official's wife Olga Shuvalova transported her dogs on a personal jet Bombardier to exhibitions in Europe. In the commentary to the FBK she had confirmed this fact, but later said that her words were misinterpreted and threatened the founder of the FBK Alexei Navalny with a trial.



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