Shnurov calls Surkov fiction writer after publication of his article

Shnurov calls Surkov fiction writer after publication of his article
Vladislav Surkov

In the article, the politician glorified Putin’s work and spoke about the “deep nation.”

The frontman of the Leningrad band, Sergey Shnurov, called presidential aide Vladislav Surkov an outstanding science fiction writer because of his article Putin’s Long State, where he praised the head of the state and the results of his activities. According to Surkov, “even many years later Russia will still be Putin’s state” and “our new state will have a long and glorious history in the new century.”

“Have you read Surkov Vladislav? As a writer, he could spot many. Despite the notoriety, though, he’s, in my opinion, an outstanding science fiction writer,” Shnurov responded to the article.

In the article, Surkov introduced a new term in contrast to the “deep state” that appeared in the American media - “a completely non-democratic network organization of the actual power of security agencies, hidden behind external, rigid democratic institutions for display.” According to Surkov, there is no deep state in Russia, but there is a “deep nation.”

“Deep nation always has their own agenda, inaccessible to sociological polls, campaigning, threats, and other methods of direct study and influence. The understanding of who they are, what they think and wants, often comes suddenly and late, and not to those who can do something,” Surkov writes.

Putin’s Long State was published in Nezavisimaya Gazeta on February 11. “Surkov has experience that is difficult to overestimate,” presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, and promised that Putin would get acquainted with the article. Senator Alexey Pushkov named Surkov’s piece an article of the year.



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