Senators propose blocking users of email and instant messengers

Senators propose blocking users of email and instant messengers

The importance of the bill was explained by the fight against terrorism and fake news.

A group of the Federation Council members submitted a bill to the State Duma proposing to block users of e-mail services and instant messengers for distributing messages with fake or forbidden information, RIA Novosti reported. The lawmakers want to strengthen the administrative responsibility of the service owners for inaction regarding the objectionable users.

“This bill fits the global trend – elimination of anonymity on the Internet. The bill allows to urgently block prohibited and illegal information in instant messaging services – messengers,” Senator Andrey Klishas said in a conversation with RT.

The authors of the bill were Andrey Klishas, ​​Alexander Bashkin, Lyudmila Bokova and Alexander Karlin. According to Klishas, ​​there have been more cases of bomb scare reports via e-mail. Earlier, under the same pretext, the Russians were forbidden to use anonymous SIM cards.

It is supposed to force the users of the e-mail services to authenticate via their phone numbers when registering an account. The State Duma has certain questions regarding the bill – the deputies are not ready to pass the draft law in its current form, Rain reports. 

The Group and MegaFon called the senators' initiative discrimination, since foreign postal services, unlike the Russian ones, will not suffer additional costs, but simply ignore the Russian legislation, Kommersant writes.



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