Senator Pushkov suggests mayor who attacked journalist to “pack his things”  

Senator Pushkov suggests mayor who attacked journalist to “pack his things”
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The official believes that Sergey Zaytsev is not going to be a head of Khakasia’s Shirinsky district a long while.

Senator of Perm region Aleksey Pushkov has suggested a head of Khakasia’s Shirinsky district Sergey Zaytsev - who had attacked a journalist of Russia 24 - to “pack his things.” He wrote this on his Twitter.

“I believe it won’t take too long for this head of the district to remain the head of it. In fact, he can go ahead and pack his things,” Pushkov wrote, having added that the official should have stopped the conversation - no matter how provocative the questions were. The senator says what Zaytsev did is outrageous. Pushkov believes the scandal will be continued - and this part won’t be too pleasant for the head of the district.

The head of Khakasia’s Shirinsky district and the member of United Russia party Sergey Zaytsev was earlier reported to have attacked a journalist of Russia 24 Ivan Litomin due to provocative questions. The official pulled the reporter to the floor. With that, the incident was being captured. Later, deputy secretary of the general council of United Russia Evgeny Revenko stated the mayor’s actions were going to be considered by the ethics committee. Besides that, he apologized to the journalists’ community for the incident.

Zaytsev called journalists “inveterate bandits” in his interview with Borus news agency.

“They passed the watchman, they passed the guards. So, three men rushed into my office out of office hours. They hovered over me and started throwing their microphone in my face: do I feel ashamed to hold office with my criminal past? Why did I build myself a cottage at the expense of the waste treatment facilities? Why did I pay my lawyer with a land property for a shooting-range? Why did I steal money from the burned-out tenants? Straight away, with no preparation, see?” the head of the district told journalists, having noted that Litomin had offended him. Zaytsev says the reporter had called him “a thief and a corrupt official.”

When asked whether he is going to stand down, the head of the district replied: “Don’t expect that!” The mayor called the incident “a provocation” in his interview with RIA Novosti.

The Investigative Committee of Russia launched inspection into the attack on the journalist. Court had earlier sentenced Zaytsev and 2 other defendants in a case into spring 2015 mass fires in Khakasia to short terms in a penal settlement, however released them on humanitarian grounds.



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