Sechin gives Christmas sausage baskets to federal officials

Sechin gives Christmas sausage baskets to federal officials
Igor Sechin

The Rosneft CEO thought it was funny to make it a tradition.

The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, wished a happy New Year to federal officials and sent them baskets of sausage as gifts, The Bell reports with reference to several civil servants who have already received their presents.

Apart from the sausages, the basket has Ivanych’s pate, tangerines and wine, according to officials. Another source of the publication notes that food sets have become one of the most popular gifts this year.

 “The reception room is full of [food] and the refrigerator is stocked,” the source said.

Rosneft’s Mikhail Leontyev declined to comment, saying only, "a stupid thing said three times becomes a joke."

Recall that a sausage basket from Sechin got a lot of publicity associated with the case of the former Economy Minister, Alexey Ulyukaev. The Rosneft head gave the instructions about the gift for the ex-minister. As soon as Ulyukaev got the gift, he was detained, and officers found a basket with sausage and a bag with $2 million on him.

Ulyukaev was found guilty and is now serving an eight-year sentence in Tver’s prison No. 1. According to the prosecution, Ulyukaev took a bribe of $2 million from the Rosneft head, Igor Sechin.

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