“Sardinia, Maldives, Palma de Majorca.” Sechin goes to resorts by Rosneft jets

“Sardinia, Maldives, Palma de Majorca.” Sechin goes to resorts by Rosneft jets
Igor Sechin

Reporters have traced flights of CEO of the oil company.

Corporate jets have been spotted at resorts in Sardinia, the Maldives, Palma de Majorca and other locations at the time the head of the company Igor Sechin was spending his vacation there, reports Vedomosti with reference to Reuters.

The agency’s reporters have traced 290 flights of Rosneft over January, 2015 to May, 2019 period. 96 of them were conducted on holidays or weekends.

With that, corporate jets had flown to Sardinia 8 times, to the Maldives - 15 times, and to Spain’s Palma de Majorca - 7 times in that period of time. Interestingly, there’s no information on official events in those locations on the web site of Rosneft or in the company newsletters.

With that, Sechin’s ex-spouse and his friends, according to Reuters, posted pictures from the locations of Rosneft jets on their social networks.

Sechin was not on the pictures posted on social networks, but the agency took a photo of a man resembling him entering a Rosneft jet at the airport of Palma de Majorca last year. The company replied to the reporters’ request that they work with clients from all over the world and expenses on flights are built into the corporate standards.

In particular, the Code of Rosneft Corporate Culture states that its employees do not use the company’s property and assets for personal ends.



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