Samara region Social Development Minister urged moms to grow gardens and prepare for sacrifices

Samara region Social Development Minister urged moms to grow gardens and prepare for sacrifices
Marina Antimonova

Marina Antimonova believes it is unnecessary to think about money.

The Minister of Socio-Demographic and Family Policy of the Samara region, Marina Antimonova, seems to be at the center of the scandal because of her rather controversial statements. In response to mothers’ claims about low child support, the official stated that the state does not have to cover all family expenses.

"Do you think that the state should support everyone? Where is the father of a child? There are retraining and employment programs for mothers on maternity leave, etc. In order not to feed children with bad food, our generation would grow gardens. If you want a child, you will always find a solution!” - wrote Antinomonova on Twitter under the tweet of publication Komsomolskaya Pravda paid attention to this.

Mothers on the forum, in turn, wrote that the lump sum paid in the region (10 thousand rubles ($144)) covers only diapers, at best, for three months, they have to feed their children with cheap products containing palm oil.

“Do you want to have children as your continuation or to earn money on them?! Why did you boil everything to money?! - the Minister answered in anger.

She invited all those dissatisfied to personally come to her to the Ministry.

“By the way, why do you not create a full family?! Very bad! I understand - in order to live in a family, you need to sacrifice your ego?! And this is unacceptable! There are eternal truths - motherhood - is a sacrifice! A mother sacrifices her freedom, habits, lifestyle, and hobbies for her child. Ready for this?!"

After the statements of Antimonova were spread by local media, the official hurried to apologize to everyone whom her words could offend. She also insists that she was misunderstood and the phrases were taken out of context.

To recap, earlier a similar scandal broke out in the Sverdlovsk region, where now the former Head of the Youth Policy Department Olga Glatskyh said that the state does not ask anyone to give birth to children, and in general, it owes nothing to the youth. A few days ago, the Minister resigned.



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