Samara governor forbade officials to travel business class, stay in suites

Samara governor forbade officials to travel business class, stay in suites
Nikolay Merkushin, Governor of the Samara region

Governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushin has decided to optimize expenses in the region and forbidden his subordinates to travel business class and stay in luxury hotel during business trips.

Thus, he has signed a decree according to which the salaries of all state government employees, including that of himself, are reduced by 10%. It is assumed that this year, the Samara region will save 2.8 billion rubles by cutting costs for maintenance of officials.

The press service of the regional government stressed that "according to preliminary calculations, the amount of the released funds will be about 300 million rubles."

In addition to cutting the salary of officials, he has strongly recommended them not to use the business class on flights, as well as refuse to stay in luxury rooms of hotels while on business trips.

These measures are due to the fact that earlier Nikolay Merkushin had repeatedly stated that it was necessary to optimize the management costs. In total, it is scheduled to conduct 17 activities to reduce the costs of state and municipal administration in the Samara region. In particular, it is planned to cut vacancies in all bodies of executive power, reorganize a number of state institutions, as well as reduce management costs by 15%.

According to Vice-Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Ovchinnikov, this year, the total size of savings on public administration should exceed 1 billion rubles. At the same time, as compared with 2016, the municipal management costs will be reduced by 1.8 billion rubles. In addition, the maximum amount of management costs in the current year has been set for each municipal entity.

The region's management has also indicated the need to reduce costs for city officials maintenance and the management in Samara in general. "In 2016, the expenses for the maintenance of local government alone, including regional administrations, amounted to over 1.6 billion rubles," Dmitry Ovchinnikov said. He added that this year this amount should not exceed 1.2 billion rubles.

Samara Mayor Oleg Fursov, in turn, added that the last two years, the city government has been working to reduce costs, looking for additional sources of replenishment, optimizing staff, and dealing with increasing financial discipline and transparency in tender procedures.

According to estimates of the Samara region government, the reduction of the aforementioned expenses will save 2.8 billion rubles for the region. It is planned that this money will be directed to the payment of social assistance to the neediest residents of the Samara region.



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