Russians face fees for online purchases

Russians face fees for online purchases

Duties should be levied on all purchases in foreign online stores regardless of the cost by 2020.

The meeting of the State Duma budget committee submitted amendments, according to which the government intends to fix a special payment for individuals purchasing in foreign online stores.

The amendments submitted to the lower house were introduced for the second reading of the draft law "On Customs Regulation," which is a new version of the relevant Federal Law, the adoption of which is required to bring Russian legislation in line with the Customs Code of the EAEC.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet considers several options for changing the threshold for duty-free import of foreign Internet purchases. In particular, the Federal Customs Service submitted its proposals and sent it to the Ministry of Finance demanding to impose a duty on any purchases in foreign online stores. As planned, all purchases in international online stores should be levied regardless of the cost by 2020. At the same time, it is proposed to reduce the customs duty from 30% to 20%.

Another option came from the Ministry of Finance, which has proposed to collect fees from purchases costs more than 500 euros per month from July 1 of this year, and from January 1, 2019 - from all goods worth more than 200 euros.

Together with the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Finance has developed another scheme: to reduce the duty-free threshold to 500 euros from 2019 to 100 euros for each purchase from July of 2019.

Currently, customers can buy goods worth more than 1000 euros per month per person and a total weight of not more than 31 kg. If this limit is exceeded, the Russian must pay a 30% fee. For every 'extra' kilogram you will have to spend four euros.



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