Russian watchdog unblocks seven million IP addresses

Russian watchdog unblocks seven million IP addresses

According to the reports, Roskomnadzor has removed 7 million IP-addresses from the black list.

The agency confirmed 7 million IP-addresses that had been blocked in connection with the court decision on Telegram messenger now unblocked.

"Yes, subnets that are no longer used by Telegram to operate in Russia are unblocked," the press service of the agency told TASS. According to the agency, it is about the Amazon company IP addresses.

Earlier Roskomnadzor removed 7 million IP addresses from the blacklist, according to the RKNSowtime Telegram channel, which monitors the blocking and unblocking in real time. The information is confirmed by the Usher2.Club website, which publishes unloaded sites blocked by Roskomnadzor, according to which the unblocking occurred at 6:45 pm Moscow time. The site indicates that there are 3.8 million IP addresses left in the list of blocked resources.

The Tagansky court in Moscow banned the activity of Telegram on the territory of Russia on April 13 after the denial of the messenger to pass encryption keys that allow decrypting the users' correspondence to the FSB. Roskomnadzor started the fulfillment of the decision on April 15, blocking about 15 million IP-addresses belonging to Google and Amazon, which led to the service failure of thousands of Internet resources. Later, both companies announced that they prohibited third-party users from using their networks as a proxy, after which most of the addresses were unblocked.

On May 28, Head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov demanded that Apple delete Telegram from the Russian segment of the AppStore. Later, Telegram website stated that Apple was blocking the messenger updates from the middle of April, not only in Russia but all over the world. In this message, it was noted that Android users continue to receive updates. On June 2, founder of the Telegram Pavel Durov said that Apple approved updates for the messenger.

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