Russian State Duma MPs prefer buying foreign real estate in Spain

Russian State Duma MPs prefer buying foreign real estate in Spain

Many MPs and senators have real estate abroad, according to 2016 asset declarations of Russian Federal Assembly members.

About twenty State Duma MPs have real estate in Europe. Half of them bought it in Spain.

United Russia member Andrey Barishev owns an apartment in Spain. A Just Russia member Vadim Belousov’s wife also has real estate in Spain. She owns a 1 000 m2 land lot and a 37 m2 apartment. United Russian member Aleksandr Briksin declared a 76 m2 apartment in Spain. United Russia member Nikolai Valuev’s wife owns a 95 m2 apartment in Spain. United Russia member Konstantin Zatulin declared a 94 m2 apartment in Spain, while his fellow party member Arkady Ponomorev owns a 151 m2 and 178 m2 apartments. United Russia member Umakhan Umakhanov’s wife owns a 313 m2 house, while United Russia member Andrey Chernishev owns a 62 m2 apartment in Spain.

Their fellow United Russia members Sergey Vostretsov and Yury Oleynikov own apartments (71 m2 and 65 m2 respectively) in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Non-partisan MP Rifat Shaykhutdinov representing the Republic of Bashkortostan declared partial ownership of a hamlet in Finland. His wife owns a 176 m2 house in Italy, according to a tax report. Vladimir Katenev owns a 7 500 m2 land lot in Finland, while his wife owns an 86 m2 apartment there.

Russian Communist Party member Vladimir Blotsky owns a 312 m2 house and a 1 050 m2 land lot in the UK. A Just Russia member Valery Gargunt’s wife owns a 190 m2 apartment in Switzerland, while United Russia member Andrey Golushko’s wife owns a 500 m2 house in France.

United Russia member Leonid Simanovsky declared a 126 m2 house in Cyprus, while his fellow party member Sergey Sopchuk declared a 115 m2 apartment, garage and storeroom in the Czech Republic.

United Russia member Otari Ashba owns a room and land lots (10 030 m2 and 4 122 m2) for private housing contrition in Georgia (a country, not a US state, translator’s note). Russian Communist Party member Svetlana Savitskaya declared an apartment in the Republic of Belarus, while her husband owns a garage there. A Just Russia member Sergey Kryuchek declared partial ownership of an apartment in Ukraine.

Foreign real estate was spotted on asset declarations of only 9 senators.

Vitaly Bogdanov from the Kursk region declared a 350 m2 house in Italy. Senator Aleksandr Verkhovensky representing the Sakhalin Region also owns real estate in Italy: he has a 2 630 m2 land lot and a 207 m2 house there.

Igor Chernishenko (Murmansk Region) and Evgeny Alekseev (Nenets Autonomous District) own apartments (66 m2 and 50 m2 respectively) in Bulgaria. Voronezh Region senator Sergey Lukin owns a 30 m2 apartment in Montenegro.

Dmitry Saveliev from the Tula Region owns a 248 m2 in the UK. Krasnoyarsk region senator Andrey Klishas declared a 543 m2 cottage land lot and a 432-m2 house in Switzerland. Volgograd Region senator Tatiana Lebedeva declared a 1 050 m2 land lot and a 175 m2 house in the Republic of Estonia and a 100 m2 apartment in Portugal.

It is worth mentioning that public officials also declared real estate in the Republic of the Congo and USA in previous years.



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