Russian presidential car Aurus Senat dropped in price to market launch  

Russian presidential car Aurus Senat dropped in price to market launch
Aurus Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

‘Presidential’ limousine is prepared for retail.

The Russian brand of E-class Aurus is preparing for official sales; two models, the Senat S600 sedan and the Senat L700 limousine, pitch. The first dealer center opens in Moscow City business district.

A video which depicts the process of unloading a demo sample of the Aurus Senat S600 hits the Web. A copy painted in blue metallic will be put up in a show room.

Retail prices for the sedan will be announced during the launch of the PAN-Auto showroom. RG learns that the cost of an unarmored version of the Senat S600 sedan will start at 8 million rubles ($121.200). At the same time, the price tag may increase to 12 million rubles ($181.900) due to the expensive small-scale production at the facilities of FSUE NAMI in Moscow. Previously experts have predicted that Senat S600 price label would be 18 million rubles.

Prices for the armored Senat S600, the Senat L700 limousine (in and without armor) remain a secret. By the way, armored vehicle modifications will be made only on special orders. It is also known that Aurus has already received many applications for its models.

Recall that FSUE NAMI began developing Aurus as part of the Unified Modular Platform project at the end of 2012. As a result, a unified platform and a line of premium cars were created. The full family includes S600 sedan, L700 limousine, Arsenal minivan, Komendant SUV, motorcycle, and helicopter. The launch of a coupe is possible.

In 2019-2020, Russian Aurus luxury cars will be assembled at the facilities of FSUE NAMI, it will produce 150-200 cars a year. In 2021, the Sollers plant in Yelabuga will join the production of Aurus, this will increase their production volumes up to 5000 units per year. In addition, cars will be exported.

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