Russian Minister of Culture compares his friend Sokolov with Joker

Russian Minister of Culture compares his friend Sokolov with Joker
Vladimir Medinsky

Earlier, the Russian Military Historical Society led by the Minister secretly removed the historian’s name from its website.

Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky compared public interest in the murder of St. Petersburg State University graduate student Anastasia Yeshenko, of which his acquaintance, historian Oleg Sokolov is accused, of excitement around Todd Phillips's film Joker. The official wondered why the attitude towards the two killers is different.

“What the heart thinks... Everyone used to ask about the Joker, now – it’s about Oleg Sokolov. I would like to answer: if you like Joker so much, why don't you like Oleg Sokolov?” Medinsky answered a journalist’s question about Sokolov at the Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg.

The minister lamented that the media representatives were “hyping at the human tragedy” and asking questions about the murder at a cultural event.

Oleg Sokolov was a member of the Russian Military Historical Society, where Medinsky presides. After the historian was arrested, the information about him disappeared from the Society’s website. Advisor to the Society’s chairman Irina Kaznacheeva said that in recent years Sokolov had no contacts with the society and was not part of the updated composition of the scientific council.

A dismembered body of Yeshenko was found in Oleg Sokolov’s apartment. The historian pleaded guilty. 

The movie Joker has become one of the top-grossing films in Russia. The film tells the story of the formation of a popular villain from the comic books about Batman. Medinsky did not like the film. The Ministry of Culture would not allocate money for filming Joker if it were made in Russia, the minister said.



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