Russian Duma deputies may face 10 times pay cut

Russian Duma deputies may face 10 times pay cut
Sergei Mironov

A Fair Russia proposes to bring the incomes of deputies in line with the average salary in the Russian Federation, which is supposed to stimulate them to make more effort at developing the Russian economy and improving the welfare of its citizens.

The State Duma will consider a bill introduced on May 14 by the leader of A Fair Russia faction, Sergei Mironov, and his deputy Oleg Nilov. According to the document, the salary of deputies should be reduced by 10 times, that is from 350.000 rubles to 35.000 rubles.

The sum stems from the average wage in the country. The deputy salary now matches that of the Russian government minister. According to statistics based on the deputies’ declarations, the average income of a deputy without any additional earnings is approximately 4.5 million rubles a year ($71.500).

The explanatory note to the draft law proposes to bring the salary for members of the Federation Council and State Duma deputies to the level of the average monthly salary in the country, which was 35.000 rubles ($556) in 2016, thus stimulating the deputies to develop the country’s economy and improve the welfare of Russians. In addition, Sergei Mironov believes that the cost of maintaining the parliament could be significantly reduced this way.



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