Russian abjudged 15 thousand euro for non-comfortable conditions in Kresty prison

Russian abjudged 15 thousand euro for non-comfortable conditions in Kresty prison

The European Court of Human Rights has found the conditions of prisoners detention in the St. Petersburg detention centers No. 1 (Kresty 'Crosses') and No. 4 (located on Akademika Lebedeva street) inappropriate.

Russian citizen Roman Tretyakov has submitted an application to the Strasbourg Court against the uncomfortable conditions in the pre-trial detention centers. As a defendant in a criminal case, the man had spent around 4 years in these remand prisons. It is noteworthy that instead of challenging the lawfulness of his detention and the duration of his stay in custody at the Human Rights Court, he complained about the uncomfortable conditions of detention. In particular, he was dissatisfied with smoke-filled premises, lack of ventilation, chairs, tables, TV and refrigerator, as well as bad mattresses. Among other things, he complained about the fact the cell bathroom does not have any walls, thus violating privacy.

On top of everything else, the general population cells in both detention centers are too crowded – in Kresty, there are 1.3 square meters per person, and in the pre-trial detention center No. 4 there are 2 square meters. 

Russian representative in the European Court of Human Rights and Deputy Minister of Justice Georgy Matyushkin has confirmed that the detention conditions of Russian detention centers differ from the European standards. It also should be noted that that our country has voluntarily agreed to pay Roman Tretyakov about 5 thousand euro (about 3.5 euros per day of detention in custody) as a compensation. However, the Strasbourg Court has ruled to increase this amount by 3 times, and now it makes about 15 thousand euro.

It should be added that each year the European Court of Human Rights receives dozens of complaints from the Russians. They all concern the poor conditions of prisoners and convicts detention in pre-trial detention centers and correctional facilities. However, most of the claimants seek compensation of several thousand euros. Meanwhile, in the Russian courts, the prison conditions are assessed somewhat differently. In particular, a Russian, who had spent more than five years in Kresty, has received a compensation of 3 thousand rubles.



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