Russia sets up special department to combat high-level corruption

Russia sets up special department to combat high-level corruption

It is assumed that it will bring ministers, governors and their deputies to justice.

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Orenburg region have submitted a draft amendment for the federal law "On ratification of the UN Convention Against Corruption," which presume the creation of special anti-corruption bodies in the country, to the State Duma, RT reports. The creation of anti-corruption bodies in the country is formalized in Art. 36 of Convention.

According to deputy of the Legislative Assembly Maxim Amelin, the parliamentarians propose establishing a special body under the President of the Russian Federation that would investigate corruption among ministers, governors, their deputies, and other top-level officials and bring them to responsibility. Amelin believes that the current agencies have lack of authority and independence in the investigation of corruption crimes of high-ranking officials.

"We, unfortunately, have more fair sentences, which relate to petty corruption. But governors accused of corruption often avoid the imprisonment. I would like everyone to be equal before the law," says the deputy. In his opinion, a new body has to be created under the President, since it defines the "basis of policy and development" of Russia.

Amelin refers to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau in Singapore, which reports directly to the Prime Minister of the country, and his employees have exclusive powers. Singapore has defeated corruption for several decades.

The UN Convention Against Corruption was ratified in Russia in 2006. However, the relevant federal law did not include references to specific provisions of the Convention, including Art. 36.



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