Russia’s richest senators

Russia’s richest senators
Valery Ponomaryov Photo: TASS

The previous leader of the rating, Suleyman Kerimov, has become poor and is not included in the top five senators with the highest income.

Journalists have ranked the richest Russian politicians. It is topped by fish magnate and Senator from the Kamchatka region, Valery Ponomarev. Last year, he earned 2.3 billion rubles ($35.7 million). Ponomarev is one of the owners of the fishing enterprise Okeanrybflot. In 2017, he made 1.8 billion rubles ($27.9 million). Ponomarev owns three apartments of 500 square meters and the most expensive cars in the world, namely Bentayga W12, Bentley Arnage R, and Ferrari F430.

In 2017, the richest senators rating was topped by Suleyman Kerimov. However, after French authorities filed a case for tax evasion against him, he quickly lost his fortune. Judging by official data, he earned 74 times less (37 million rubles or $575,248), and a number of foreign villas disappeared from his declaration.

Following the results of 2018, Karelia Senator Igor Zubarev is on the second place with the income of 564.4 million rubles ($8.77 million). He is followed by another representative of the Federation Council, Boris Nevzorov, with an income of 489 million rubles ($7.6 million). In fourth place, there is Senator from the Tambov region, Aleksandr Babakov (373 million rubles or $5.79 million). Dmitry Savelyev, a representative of the Tula region, is fifth with an income of 179.5 million rubles ($2.79 million).



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