Russia’s most famous ex-prosecutor dies

Russia’s most famous ex-prosecutor dies
Aleksey Kazannik

Aleksey Kazannik died at the age of 77.

Former Prosecutor General of Russia, Doctor of Law Aleksey Kazannik, who gained fame after being replaced by Boris Yeltsin in the country's Supreme Council in 1993, has died.

Kazannik died at the age of 77 in Omsk.

The staff of the Prosecutor's Office of the Omsk region has expressed condolences to the family and loved ones in connection with his death.

Aleksey Kazannik was Prosecutor General from 1993 to 1994.

He became widely known when, in May 1989, at the first congress of people's deputies of the USSR, he gave his place to Boris Yeltsin, who was not elected to the country's Supreme Council. According to many political experts, this act of the Siberian deputy influenced the further fate of Russia. Until 2003, Kazannik worked as Deputy Governor of the Omsk region. In addition, he taught law to students at Omsk State University.



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