Russia may deploy police robots by 2030

Russia may deploy police robots by 2030

They will advise citizens in the traffic police, migration service and will also take fingerprints.

Robots may replace police officers in Russia by 2030, advising citizens in the traffic police and the migration service, as well as taking fingerprints, TASS was told by a representative of the developer Konstantin Pokladok at the Interpolitech exhibition.

“A Promobot is produced in Perm by our company. More than 200 robots of the fourth generation have been sold so far. In Russia, it is the first invention of the kind, and so far, the only one. We are trying to integrate it into the Digital Police concept, and I believe that police robots will be working for us by 2030,” he said.

The representative of the development company added that the robots are designed to work in crowded places and can solve various problems. “In our case, we have a fingerprint scanner and a document scanner installed, so the robot can scan a finger and check it against the database,” he said.

The company said that Promobot is a service robot for businesses that talks with people, recognizes faces and speech, moves independently, avoiding obstacles, connects to any external system such as databases, security systems, sites and services.



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