Russia and China join efforts to block undesirable information

Russia and China join efforts to block undesirable information

Internet regulators of the two countries exchange their experience in managing the Internet.

Russian Roskomnadzor and the Chinese Cyberspace Administration intend to sign an agreement on cooperation to counter the dissemination of prohibited information on the Internet, RBC reports citing the press secretary of the Russian Internet regulator Vadim Ampelonsky.

“We tell them how we’ve been developing our legal system of Internet governance and they tell us about their practices. Our basic approaches are different, but we have the same goal. We’ll be exchanging our experience,” said Ampelonsky.

The agreement will be signed on October 20 at the sixth World Internet Conference in the Chinese city of Wuchen.

Earlier, the Federation Council drafted a bill to block users of instant messengers and email services when they distribute prohibited information. The package of documents has been submitted to the State Duma for consideration.

In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the law on the creation of “Runet”, a domestic Internet space independent of foreign servers. The law obliges telecom operators to install special devices to track prohibited information on the Web.



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