Rusnano rejects Anti-Corruption Foundation's charges of investing $170m in failed project 

Rusnano rejects Anti-Corruption Foundation's charges of investing $170m in failed project
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The published video demonstrates that the case with an additional screen for the phone and Rusnano logo does not work.⁠

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) published a video in which Alexey Navalny tried to test the development of the state corporation Rusnano. The device is a case for iPhone 6 ​​with a built-in black and white screen for reading books. 10 billion rubles ($170m) were invested in this investment. In total, Rusnano has received 240 billion rubles ($4bn) from the state for 10 years, as stated in the video.

After several unsuccessful attempts to use the case with an additional screen for the phone, Navalny concluded that the device does not work, because it could not complete the registration process in the phone application. Otherwise, the development will not be able to be used.

Anatoly Chubais presented this gadget to Navalny during a debate with him on the Dozhd television channel in 2015. The official boasted about this gadget, telling about the success of the purchase of the English company Plastic Logic, which developed a flexible screen. After the release of the iPad, the development lost its relevance and the company was put up for sale. In 2010, Rusnano bought the project company Plastic Logic for 4.6 billion rubles ($78.5m). All this, according to the video, stresses out that the money is invested in a failed project.

Video: FBK's statement

However, the state corporations denied the accusations and explained that the presented cover is not related to Rusnano. The American company-developer of the gadget Pop Slate only bought screens from the company Plastic Logic. Unsuccessful attempts to start using the device shown on the video, explained that the company Pop Slate went bankrupt and no longer supports the application. And the company-manufacturer of the device "is not related to the investment activities of Rusnano."

Video: Rusnano's refutation

And, in addition, Rusnano told that since the foundation of the state-owned company it received 130 billion rubles from the state, not 240bn rubles, as the FBK stated .

Note that the FBK mentions non-designed tablets for schoolchildren, which Anatoly Chubais showed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 2010, as one of the main developments of Rusnano.



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