Rostov officials use Photoshop to fight garbage dumps

Rostov officials use Photoshop to fight garbage dumps

After the forgery was brought to light, the garbage was removed.

In Semikarakorsk, the Rostov Region, administration officials cleaned up illegal garbage dumps using Photoshop and reported on the work done, attaching edited photos to relevant documents. The forgery was brought to light by experts of the local Public Monitoring Committee’s branch, REN-TV reports.

In the end of October 2018, the public activists informed the authorities of Semikarakorsk about three illegal dumps. The officials erased the garbage from the attached photos and sent a response on the work done to the OMC.

After exposing the forgery of the head of the city administration’s center for integrated improvement was fired, two dumps were cleaned up, and the third one was promised to be liquidated as soon as the weather became better.



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