Rostech needs 10.3 billion rubles for development of equipment under Yarovaya's law

Rostech needs 10.3 billion rubles for development of equipment under Yarovaya's law
Photo: E. Razumny / Vedomosti

The state corporation has estimated the cost of implementation of the Yarovaya's anti-terrorism laws. Most funds will be spent on the development of domestic servers.

The state Corporation Rostech assessed the costs of enforcing the law of Yarovaya and Ozerov at 10.3 billion rubles. All these funds will be used for the localization of equipment and software, according to Vedomosti with reference to the annex to the letter of the Acting General Director of the Rostech Vladimir Artyakov to the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

7.15 billion of the total amount will be spent on development of servers in Russia. Chipsets (5 billion rubles) and processors (2 billion) will be able to be produced by Micron and Angstrom-T. But the memory modules will not be able to produce in Russia in the foreseeable future.

Another part of the funds will be spent on the development of the domestic network equipment - switches (450 million) and routers (900 million), storages (750 million), the creation of user workstations (300 million) and the development of application software (650 million).

As follows from the document from the required 10.3 billion rubles less than half - 4.8 billion - will be financed at the expense of the state program in the presence of co-financing of 50%. The source of Vedomosti said that some specific government program did not have in mind – this is just one of the options for financing development in the framework of a long-term state order. The interlocutor of the edition also stressed that the project is many times cheaper than earlier sum - 2.2 trillion rubles. This amount of costs was claimed by VimpelCom and MTS, Megaphone and Tele2, some experts estimated cost of up to 10 trillion rubles. The co-author of anti-terrorism laws the Senator Viktor Ozerov said that the implementation of the law will require 3 billion rubles a year. However, the exact cost can not be determined, because there is no technical specifications.

In late August, the Ministry of Industry supported the desire of the Rostech to become a sole operator of the storage system for the enforcement of the Yarovaya's law, requiring up to six months to keep the contents of the negotiations and customer traffic.



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