Rosneft to head world helicopter transportation spendings list

Rosneft to head world helicopter transportation spendings list
Rosneft is the leader among state corporations in terms of the number of Italian helicopters in the fleet

According to preliminary estimates, the state corporation will spend 21 billion rubles ($354.1m) annually for these purposes.⁠

Rosneft will take the lead in the world in spendings on helicopter transport. According to Vedomosti, in 2017 the company can spend almost 21 billion rubles ($354.1m) on helicopter transportation.

As the newspaper notes, oil and gas structures are the largest customers of helicopter companies, since this type of transportation is the only way to deliver shift workers to the fields. Last year, Norway's Statoil became the leader in purchasing helicopter services, having spent more than $284 million on these services (about 17 billion rubles). In the following years, the palm of victory for expenditures on helicopter transportation may go to Rosneft.

According to the analysis of state procurement conducted by the state corporation, Rosneft will spend 10.6 billion rubles ($178.7m) on helicopter transport services. Another 10.5 billion rubles ($177m) will be spent on the same expenditure item for the needs of the subsidiary company – RN-Aerokraft.

The main carrier of Rosneft will be company UTair – Helicopter Services: the venture concluded contracts with the state corporation for a total of 33 billion rubles ($556.5m).

According to the estimates of the Association of the Helicopter Industry, the total revenue of shipping companies in 2015 was 36 billion rubles ($607.1m), regarding 2016 forecasts are made for about the same sum. Based on these figures, Rosneft is the largest customer of helicopter services in Russia. Transneft comes second with a large margin – their spendings on air transportation are about 4.75 billion rubles ($80.1m) a year.

According to Vedomosti, the RN-Aerokraft air fleet includes 16 medium-sized helicopters from Italian Leonardo Helicopters, including 10 AW139, and 12 heavy Mi-8 helicopters. Notably, there are only 24 AW139 helicopters in Russia.

Journalists of the publication estimate the fleet of Rosneft at $200 million. In addition, until the end of 2017 the company will receive eight more AW189 helicopters, and until 2025 it can purchase 150 AW189 helicopters under a framework agreement with Leonardo Helicopters.

A flying hour of RN-Aerokraft's helicopters costs Rosneft $143.000 (over 8.5 million rubles). The cost of flying hours in other companies is much lower – 53.808 rubles (about $900) for Robinson R44 helicopters and 725,000 rubles (12.000 dollars) for Mi-26 helicopters. In flight detachment Russia the transportation of the country leaders costs 57.734 rubles (about 960 dollars) per hour.



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