Rosneft spokesman calls new head of Khakassia moron and likens him to pig

Rosneft spokesman calls new head of Khakassia moron and likens him to pig
Mikhail Leontyev

After a while, Leontyev claimed that he did not believe his words had been too emotional, and repeated the insult several times.

The vice-president and press secretary of Rosneft, Mikhail Leontyev, several times called the new head of Khakassia, Valentin Konovalov, a moron and likened him to a pig and a walrus. Leontyev laughed at the Communist Party politician’s age and questioned the prospects of the Siberian republic.

“Well, what if a man is a moron. Did you see his texts? It’s just a joke,” Leontyev told on the radio Govorit Moskva when he was asked to explain his emotional speech on the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio.

Leontyev said that it weren’t the emotions speaking for him and that no one voted for Konovalov in Khakassia, “everyone voted against him”. “This is called protest voting,” Leontyev flared up and added that the citizens could as well have elected a walrus or a pig.

The Communist Party told Kommersant that Konovalov is likely to sue Leontyev. The Rosneft spokesman said he would not argue with the politician. “He is a moron, what kind of controversy can he engage in?” Leontyev said.

“There is a region of Khakassia, they elected a moron as governor. Everyone understands that he is a moron. It does not interest anyone. He is an open moron, completely manifested. Well, the moron will lead Khakassia – well, there won't be any Khakassia, so what? We’ll get a new Khakassia somewhere,” Leontyev said during the first broadcast.

It is to be recalled that the elections in Khakassia were held in two rounds. In the second one, only Konovalov participated and scored 57.57% of the vote.



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