Roskomnadzor to block Facebook in 2018? 

Roskomnadzor to block Facebook in 2018?
Facebook could be blocked

According to the agency, Facebook does not comply with the Russian law on the Localization of Personal Data.⁠

Popular social network Facebook can be blocked on the territory of Russia, if it does not obey Russian laws, said Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) Alexander Zharov. He explained that Facebook is obliged to comply with the Russian law on the Localization of Personal Data, and that time has already been set for resolving this issue. Otherwise, the service will be blocked in Russia.

"The law is mandatory for everyone, and therefore there is no doubt - in any case, we will either achieve the law to be implemented, or the company will stop working in Russia, as, unfortunately, happened with LinkedIn. There are no exceptions," Zharov said.

Recall that the social network Linkedln was blocked in the Russian Federation in the fall of 2016, and Twitter, in order to avoid problems, has already outlined the deadline for implementation of the law by mid-2018.

The law on Personal Data implies that IT companies operating in Russia must ensure the storage and recording of personal data of Russian users using databases located in Russia.



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