Roskomnadzor conditioned for LinkedIn returning to Russia

Roskomnadzor conditioned for LinkedIn returning to Russia

Social network may again become available to Russians after the completion of the procedure of merger with Microsoft.

The Head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, admitted in the interview with Arguments and Facts the possibility of LinkedIn return to Russia. According to the official, it is a pity that the social network "actually went out of our country." The responsibility for this Zharov put on individual employees, who reacted to the issue irresponsibly. However, the role played the fact that the social network is actually in the process of being sold, according to the official.

“Microsoft buys LinkedIn, the deal is to be finally completed throughout a couple of months, and then, I think, new owners will consider returning to Russia," - Alexander Zharov suggested, adding that more than 80 thousand companies reported Roskomnadzor on data localization in Russia.

Recall, November 17, 2016, Roskomnadzor introduced LinkedIn in the register of banned resources and sent a request to the immediate blocking of all access to Russian operators. In the prescription the department stated that the company failed to comply with the requirements of personal data localization of Russian citizens. Later, Roskomnadzor met with representatives of LinkedIn and agreed "to continue the dialogue."



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