Roskachestvo recommends stickering laptop camera and microphone

Roskachestvo recommends stickering laptop camera and microphone

The organization considered duct tape a mandatory security requirement.

Cameras and microphones on laptops must be sealed with opaque tape when not used, Roskachestvo recommended. Such a safety measure has now become a prerequisite for “digital hygiene”, experts say. 

“Once on a computer or smartphone, the spyware program performs the “payload” embedded in it by its creator – it can copy documents, intercept keystrokes, read the victim’s messages, as well as activate the microphone or camera on the device,” the manager of Department of System Solutions of Group-IB, Anton Fishman, explained.

At the same time, Fishman recalled that for security reasons, one should not download applications from unreliable sources or allow access to the camera and microphone for everything installed on the device.

“We have to state that, indeed, stickering cameras and microphones is no longer paranoia, but one of the rules of the “digital hygiene.” This is like a law that must be observed, and the ignorance of which, like any other laws, does not exempt from responsibility,” Ilya Loevsky, the deputy head of Roskachestvo, said. 

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media agreed with the recommendations of Roskachestvo, the news agency Moskva writes. 

“Theoretically, you can be hacked and allow access to the camera, but the risks are small,” Rustem Khairetdinov, the vice president of information security company InfoWatch said.

According to Khairetdinov, there were cases where owners of porn sites secretly filmed the visitors' faces through their laptops’ cameras and blackmailed them, threatening to publish the videos on the Internet. “Perhaps this is the greatest damage that can be remembered,” Khairetdinov noted.

As for phones, even the most innocuous program can “spy,” since the user’s metadata is often used to improve the delivery of advertisements and search results specifically for a specific user. There is no escape from this and should be taken for granted, Khairetdinov says.



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