Rosinfomonitoring reports $15 million transferred to a governor’s nephew

Rosinfomonitoring reports $15 million transferred to a governor’s nephew
Photo: Vladimir Mashatin / TASS

The former governor turned out to have a large account in a foreign bank. The service has not disclosed the names.

Rosinfomonitoring has found large assets of a 24-year-old nephew of one of the former governors and forwarded this information to the law enforcement authorities, said Vitaly Andreyev, Head of the Department for Combating Money Laundering.

“It has been established that initially more than 15 million dollars were deposited to the account of the person involved in story, the nephew of one of the governors, it should be noted that he is already a former one, by a third party by proxy,” stated Andreyev. He clarified that Rosinomonitoring had received information about suspicious transactions from foreign financial intelligence.

Andreyev did not specify the names of the account holder and the former governor, as well as the country that conveyed information about them.

Earlier, Andreyev said that as a result of checking the Panama Papers Rosinfomonitoring found 4,197 offshore companies controlled by Russians. The volume of doubtful financial transactions of these companies amounted to $5 billion. Financial intelligence has established a link between a number of these companies and governors, deputies, and ministers.

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