Cyber Army: Rosgvardia to train specialists in monitoring social networks

Cyber Army: Rosgvardia to train specialists in monitoring social networks

The training base has already been prepared, and the agency intends to further improve this field of activity.

Training of specialists for monitoring social networks to identify threats of terrorism and extremism is one of the priorities of Rosgvardia's work, the first deputy head of the department, Colonel-General Sergey Melikov, told reporters on May 19.

"Specialists involved in monitoring threats are scarce for us, so we want to improve this field of activity," Melikov said.

Rosgvardia sees a serious threat from the structures propagating radical views. To deal with them effectively, one must anticipate their actions.

Melikov explained that the work of "training groups" at the Novosibirsk Military Institute is currently under way.

According to the deputy head of the National Guard of Russia (Rosgvardia), the activity to identify extremism in social networks is very urgent. If such monitoring had previously been carried out in the right amount and quality, such state of emergency as an attack on a subdivision of Rosgvardia in the village of Naurskaya (Chechnya) could be prevented.

"We understand that the management of the combat groups involved in the attack was carried out remotely. Including using certain information channels which were transmitted through the social networks," he said.

It is to be recalled that on the night of March 24, militants attacked a military unit near the village of Naurskaya. Rosgvardia officers engaged with them and disrupted the attack eliminating six terrorists. Six soldiers of Rosgvardia were killed, three were injured.

The terrorist group Islamic State (organization is banned in the Russian Federation) took responsibility for the attack.



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