Rosgvardia got cyberforces

Rosgvardia got cyberforces
Rosgvardia Head Victor Zolotov

First of all, the new unit will be monitoring social networks to spot signs of extremism.

The subdivision will be created within the Federal Service of the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia), and will be engaged in cyber intelligence, a source in law enforcement told Rosbalt.

The subdivision’s main objectives are as follows: browsing the Internet to identify immediate threats and repel possible attacks, mainly of extremist nature. For better efficiency a whole Internet monitoring system will be created. So far, as you know, only the Federal Security Service can do that. Larisa Goryachko became the department head, according to the source. She is known to have worked as an operative for particularly important cases of MIA special investigative unit in the Urals Federal District specializing in corruption-related investigations. She even got an award from the president in 2005 for her investigation of a case against Miass Mayor Vladimir Grigoriadi who took bribes.

First time it was announced that cyberforces were going to be created was last month when Sergey Shoigu, the Defense Ministry Head, made a statement. He said it would be "more effective and much stronger... than the department that used to be called counterpropaganda."

There is information that the Main Directorate for Counteracting Extremism and the Office for State Protection would become Rosgvardia’s jurisdiction instead of that of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Later, Colonel General Sergey Melikov (Rosgvardia First Deputy Director) denied the reports, stressing there was no intention to give Rosgvardia functions other than those it was created for in the first place.

At the end of last year, Melikov said that the new unit would focus on identifying threats to Russian system of government. For instance, the new department will combat terrorism and organized crime, protect principal state facilities and special cargoes, assist the FSB in state border defense.

It was Vladimir Putin who first announced the National Guard would be created, last April. It was to be based on the MIA internal troops. In particular, Rosgvardia took over special subdivisions of the Special Rapid Deployment Force (SOBR), Special Purpose Police Unit (OMON), Licensing Service, as well as extra-departmental security and all aviation divisions of the Ministry.



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