Roman Plugin’s fresh blood  

Roman Plugin’s fresh blood
Gen Plugin is waiting for new staff Photo: The CrimeRussia

The closer autumn is, the more severe the morale of the employees of the St. Petersburg Interior Ministry. Even optimists have already passed the peak of hopes that the new Moscow authorities will delve into the specifics of the Northern capital and will deal with problems. General Plugin is busy - he is dragging comrade’s detachments from Moscow, taking away apartments from the waiting list fighters.

Are you from Moscow? Work for the St. Petersburg police!  

The St. Petersburg offices are thinning, and the regional police departments are following its fate - these are the first results of the Moscow appointees work. As they say, new, massive dismissals are coming. After all, General Roman Pugin longs to let fresh blood work. There are no queues of people wishing to rejuvenate the St. Petersburg police.


Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

The St. Petersburg leader retinue is waiting for moving to the banks of the Neva with all their belongings, including secretaries and drivers. The official salary is meager - a maximum of 35 thousand rubles. In this regard, the problem of housing has become acute. But the General decided in wham-bam. The high authorities immediately took away 70 departmental apartments from employees. The main thing is that the new Moscow deputies and other members of the entourage of the General should be satisfied. They need compensation for lower wages because Moscow salaries are higher. These apartments will be transferred to the new owners. A remarkable story is the expulsion of General Abakumov's driver, the former head of the rear services, from the housing. He was told to go wherever he wants with household members and things. Now, a new driver lives there.


Former Head of Logistics Ivan Abakumov

Even though a groan is heard from the banks of the Neva, the General is confident that Minister Kolokoltsev will approve any of his actions. Note, Vladimir Kolokoltsev is now not up to the predatory instincts of the Moscow Varangians. He is busy with the apparatus warfare with the internal ministerial opposition, which is 'cutting the legs' of his official chair.

Swiss Guard

Meanwhile, the entire staff of the department is depressed. The employees are in search of work and talking about dismissal or the imminent onset of the long-awaited pension. The question of who and how will work in the St. Petersburg police has never been so acute. There are fewer and fewer people wishing to work with General Plugin. “The police must be urgently changed,” “we will change soon, grace will come.” However, no one has yet reported who will compensate the staff shortage, especially in the regional departments. But the personnel results of the audit, which took place at the end of July this year, became known. The results are disappointing.

  • The Main Department - 167;

  • Kalininsky district - 20;

  • Central District - 19;

  • Nevsky district - 18;

  • Vasileostrovsky district - 17    

  • Vyborgsky district (region) - 14;

  • Vyborgsky District - 10;

  • Slantsevsky district - 13;

  • Volkhovsky district - 2.

Only 280 people. 

After passing the certification, employees of the departments of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and territorial administrations and departments are temporarily exempted from the service associated with the use of weapons and specialized equipment. They are waiting for the deduction of part of the salary. Roman Pugin has already signed the relevant order. The new blood competition will soon spread among the ranks of the St. Petersburg police. The official under-staffing is 25%. The security service joke that the general will soon have to, like the kings of the Middle Ages, write out the Swiss guards because there are very few people who want to work in the police. The General plans to close the shortage of officers with graduates of the police high school and the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But the number of graduates is limited. Also, some of them will have to go to serve in the investigation.

Mutiny aboard

It is no secret that the arrival of General Plugin was met adversely. However, there is one leader who not only did not leave his post but got a promotion. The Head of the Сriminal Investigation Department of the St. Petersburg Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Igor Paradeev, turned out to be that person. As we have already written, these two unsmiling people can attract each other. Today, Igor Paradeev is waiting for an official paper on the assumption of his former colleague Sergey Strelin. According to sources, the order of appointment was signed by the President on August 8 this year. Unsinkable Paradeev, an old detective, outplayed everyone. Since there is an order to increase the age limit, the Colonel can serve in his new position for another five years and safely retire as the General.


Igor Paradeev

Recently, the 53rd police department of the Primorsky district collectively wrote a letter of complaint to General Plugin. Employees of the department complain about threats and slavery practiced by the local leader.

Plugin’s reaction to a cry is still unknown. It is possible that he regards this step as a planned intrigue and could use it.

The police do not expect anything. The effect can be achieved only if all the teams of the police departments write such letters. Then, perhaps, the system will correct the current insanity. Most tend to the idea that there will be no General reaction. The leadership will read without delving into it, and the 'revolutionaries' will face another audit.


Roman Plugin

Another version is that the General may well use this complaint as a backup for dismissing the heads of the regional departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. That relates to the reform scheme of the entire headquarters, whose primary goal is to reduce the official staff. As a result, any repressions can then be attributed to the “aspirations of the personnel,” and the Minister will not scent anything, even if valuable employees will be affected. As they say, interdistrict task forces will investigate severe crimes and killings in the event of a shortage of employees to work on the spots.

The St. Petersburg Central Committee braced for the anticipation of new appointments. According to sources, Plugin has already appointed a new deputy; this is a 34-year-old Muscovite, Lieutenant Colonel who goes to St. Petersburg to take a general position. His surname is still unknown, as, indeed, are the names of new celestials who will already settle in their offices on Suvorovsky in September.



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