Rogozin sets up his own treasury

Rogozin sets up his own treasury
Dmitry Rogozin

The contracts of Roscosmos will be supervised by Roscosmosbank.

Roskosmos State Corporation renamed the reorganized Fondservisbank to Roscosmosbank. The latter will supervise the contracts and agreements of the enterprises of the rocket and space industry and perform the functions of the treasury. Dmitry Rogozin, Roscosmos CEO, was elected chairman of the board of directors, the state corporation said.

The board of directors decided to rename Fondservicebank as early as November 2018, and on April 12, at Cosmonautics Day, Rogozin approved the relevant document. According to TASS, all 100% of the shares (more than 11.3 trillion of securities) of the bank belong to Roscosmos.



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