Richest people's deputy from United Russia is representative of flooded Irkutsk region

Richest people's deputy from United Russia is representative of flooded Irkutsk region
Nina Chekotova

The parliamentarian declared 880 million rubles ($13.9mln) of income in 2018.

A deputy from the United Russia party from Irkutsk, Nina Chekotova, declared in 2018 an income equal to 880,000,000 rubles ($13.9mln).

In addition to cash income, the general director of OOO Fortuna Chekotova declared 8 houses, 40 apartments and 78 plots of land.

Nina Chekotova also owns several facilities for construction and retail space. In her property there are electrical facilities, water towers, garages, farm premises, and hangars.

All this property, which she was able to multiply, Chekotova inherited in 2004 from her spouse Pavel Chekotov. He was the victim of one of the loudest custom killings of the city. A gang of Andreev-Novoseltsev in the summer of 2004 set up an ambush on a forest road while leaving the city to the private sector.

Pavel Chekotov's car was under crossfire. Despite the squall shelling, the businessman managed to jump out of the car and even dialed the number of one of his close friends on the mobile, but he did not have time to tell him anything. The field investigators who had arrived at the scene interrogated the eyewitnesses, they said that two people jumped out of the forest belt and opened heavy fire. The police failed to detain the killers hot on the heels.

His wife Nina rebuilt a large market in the center of the city and called it Pavel Chekotov Market Square. The trading empire inherited from her husband also includes: Fortuna, Avtograd, and Electron markets, Automobilny, Pokrovsky, Kazansky, Rusinovsky, Fortuna Plaza trading house, Fortuna night club, Neskuchny Sad restaurant complex, etc.

Later, the perpetrators of the murder were arrested and convicted.

In 2008, Nina Chekotova received the mandate of a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Region, first from the LDPR faction, and in the next elections she was from the United Russia Party and immediately became the chairman of the property and economic policy committee. In 2016, she re-entered the regional parliament.

Among those who are familiar with the case of Pavel Chekotov, there are still those who believe that it was his wife Nina who ordered the murder. The investigation has never brought such charges to her.



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