Resignation of Ivanovo region MIA Main Directorate head associated with Ishaev case

Resignation of Ivanovo region MIA Main Directorate head associated with Ishaev case
Andrey Luzin

Some sources say the former plenipotentiary used to actively lobby the interests of the security forces.

Sacked Head of the Ivanovo region MIA Main Directorate, General Andrey Luzin, used to be a friend of former Plenipotentiary in the Far East Viktor Ishaev, who is currently under investigation for embezzling 5 million rubles ($76,275) from Rosneft. This is reported by the channel Karaulny via Telegram.

It was during the service of Ishaev in the Khabarovsk region that Luzin received the post of deputy head of the regional police department, and after that, when the official became a plenipotentiary, he was promoted and became the head of the police department in the Chukotka Autonomous District.

In 2014, at Ishaev’s request, President Evgeny Shkolov transferred Luzin to the Ivanovo region.

“Shkolov liked Luzin’s career as an employee of the Khabarovsk Region Internal Security Department,” the channel reported. However, Luzin began to have problems after Shkolov’s resignation.

In late 2018, the ministerial commission found that there were serious omissions and systemic flaws in the organization of operational activities.

“Previously identified violations in a variety of areas have not been eliminated. At the same time, the leadership of the territorial body would not initiate the solution of topical issues for a long time,” MIA representative Irina Volk commented on the situation surrouding Luzin's resignation in late February.

It is noteworthy that Head of the Ministry, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, had made a proposal to dismiss General Luzin from his position a little earlier than it was reported that a criminal case had been initiated against Ishaev.



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