Residents of Yekaterinburg delighted by seeing Putin 

Residents of Yekaterinburg delighted by seeing Putin
Photo: Photo: Screenshot from video

At the meeting of the president with students, one girl fainted.

After Vladimir Putin’s speech to the students of the Ural Federal University, the leader of the country left the car for a minute to greet the crowd around him. The appearance of the living Putin has caused a storm of emotions. The people wished the president health and tried to touch him, but they were pushed back by a number of FSO officers.

At the very same meeting with the students, one of the students fainted. “Handle her gently. And look for doctors,” the president said, and the student was taken out of the audience. Following, Vice-Premier Tatyana Golikova hastened. “I helped her as a girl [would help] a girl. Purely female help,” she said later. The student could have felt unwell because of anxiety or of stuffiness.



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