Residents ask Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyov to resign

Residents ask Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyov to resign
The Governor of Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov

Residents of Moscow region express dissatisfaction with the fact that the head of the region has not fulfilled the promises he previously made regarding the limitation of high-rise construction and the renunciation of high-rise apartment complexes construction in the neighboring Moscow region.

Locals of a large number of Moscow suburban areas currently suffer from the deterioration of living conditions. This is directly related to the fact recently there has been an active construction of high-rise buildings going on. As a consequence, population density and traffic problems increase, because the cities are not able to provide jobs to the new inhabitants. This is superimposed on an already difficult environmental situation in the region.

The main cause of this situation is the uncontrolled increase in the region's population. Earlier Andrey Vorobyov had stated, that the annual population growth in the suburbs is about 80-100 thousand people. Last year, he announced a figure of 150 thousand people.

Due to such high population growth, the region needs a well-defined plan of the unified Moscow agglomeration strategic development, which is not available at the moment. At the same time, experts believe that the isolation of the New Moscow's vector can hardly suffice.

As of today, the previous general plans for the development of large cities in the Moscow suburbs, a large part of which has been renamed in urban districts, have not been fulfilled. As a result, the direction of development of the largest region is spontaneous; a significant role is played by the numerous Russian and foreign developers concentrated in the area.

Residents of the Moscow region are particularly disappointed with the fact the new residential areas actively replace the remaining green corners of the Moscow suburbs. It is noteworthy that the construction is carried out in all places, including the territory of country settlements, which are fewer and fewer in the vicinity of the Russian capital.

One of the remaining liveable suburban areas has got into the development plans. Namely, the East Perlovka, which is located near Moscow, part of the 31 and 34 microdistricts of Mytishchi. According to the local government plans, this area is to built with skyscrapers.

According to the Federal Service for National Statistics, there is currently 5165 persons per square meter in Mytishchi. At the same time, the city is 4th in population density among all the cities in the Russian Federation. It is noteworthy that Moscow is 7th on the rating list; the population density of the capital is 4,822 persons per square meter.

Experts say that if the government does implement the plans and give the green light to the construction of new high-rise buildings, the population density in Mytishchi will increase from 4 thousand to 25 thousand people. The city will turn into a human anthill similar to Hong-Kong, the population density of which is 14,286 people per square meter.

As for the transport accessibility, the prospects are not brighter; even now people are unable to enter a commuter train on the first attempt in the rush hours. And this is despite the fact their traffic rate is similar to that of the metro.

Given the obvious disadvantages of the development plan, the locals believe that the mass construction is primarily beneficial to investors and corrupt officials. 

The means used to provide control over the territory and get rid of the current residents of the East Perlovka are illustrative. Under the current legislation, people, who reside in these neighborhoods, unanimously voted against the large-scale construction at the public hearing as early as in 2014. However, neither Mytishchi administration, nor the region governor did not take the results of those hearings into account. 

Back then, the authorities provided the following excuse for not considering the opinion of the local residents. According to their assurances, there was an urgent need for the resettlement of residents of 39 dilapidated municipal houses that had not been repaired for decades. The population of those houses, located in two microdistricts, was less than 600 people. However, the initially declared number of people in need of resettlement was doubled. To resettle all of them, an average apartment building would have been enough; there was no need in the mass construction of a green area stretching for about 3 km.

By the start of public hearings during the auction for the right to conclude the agreement "On the development of built-up area," the investor, and later the developer of the East Perlovka, Zemelnye Resursy company, had paid 176 million rubles. This amount had been paid for the right to develop an area of 176 hectares, 1 million rubles per 1 ha of land in the Moscow region. Then the developers were faced with another problem; it was necessary to free the area from 450 individual houses, which had been inhabited by both Moscow and Mytischi residents since the last century. For this purpose, the authorities launched a new development plan for the territory.

The administration and the Mytishchi Board of Deputies adopted new rules of land use and development, according to which the once prevailing area of mixed residential development in the East Perlovka was replaced with new territorial areas. At the same time, it was not provided by the general plan, which is supposed to be the main document of territorial planning. It should be noted that it has not been 5 years since the adoption of the last general plan. The same applies to the related rules of land use and development in the 2012 edition. These documents did provide for the interests of the local residents.

Now, according to the new rules, the territory of the East Perlovka can be built up with houses with the number of floors, ranging from 17 to 21. It is noteworthy that such changes dramatically change the existing favorable living conditions in the area. In addition, according to local residents, the areas of business, public and commercial purpose have been unreasonably expanded. They now occupy almost half of the entire territory.

Contrary to the local population's wishes, the existing land use and the General Plan, the authorities included the land plots of the current Novaya Perlovka residents in the arbitrarily designated areas.

At the same time, instead of concluding individual agreements with the owners of land plots and further legalizing the real estate development, the Zemelnye Resursy investor company has resorted to the use of administrative resource. The fact that this approach is anti-social and anti-marketing seems natural to the investor. In reality, a strategy for land acquisition from the population under the alleged municipal and federal needs is being exercised.

In addition, people are forced to leave the Novaya Perlovka due to the additional difficulties concerning the operation of private households. For example, if a family lives in its own private house, located on the territory of the planned construction, the residents will have to address administration for resolving the issues related to house reconstruction or any construction work. And this will be extremely problematic by default.

In connection with this, residents of the East Perlovka made a collective appeal to the Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyov, urging him to resign.

"Unfortunately, we, the residents of East Perlovka, have not found support in holding invalid the new Rules of Land Use and Development neither from the Moscow Region governor A. U. Vorobyov, whom we had addressed several times, nor from the Moscow Regional Court. It is sad to realize that instead of providing an independent examination of the case, the role of the Moscow Regional Court is reduced to legalizing the dubious decisions of the administration, which deliberately refused to check the compliance of the Rules of Land Use and Development with the main document, that is, the General Plan. In fact, the Court supported the Administration and the Deputy Council of Mytishchi in that the General Plan as a normative legal act does not prevail over the Rules of Land Use and Development. Whereas, the corresponding article of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation provides a proof to the contrary.

June 30, 2016 the Moscow Regional Court issued a decision, which, in fact, allows to continue the implementation of the development plan, which runs counter to the interests of the residents, but meets the investor interests, which consist in getting grand profits. It appears that the legitimate interests of thousands of citizens do not represent public interest and are not protected by either the court or the Moscow region governor. 

In view of such uncivil and anti-state position of the governor of the Moscow region, we ask the President of the Russian Federation to dismiss him.

We offer A.U. Vorobyov to resign because he did not keep his promises to limit the high-rise construction and renunciate the multi-storey construction in the near suburbs of Moscow.

In considering the appeal, we ask the Supreme Court of the Russin Federation take into account the violation of the legal standards by the Moscow Regional Court and to make a fair decision. 

In addition, we ask our co-citizens to support this petition with their votes. It is not only Mytishichi that faces the problems reflected in it; many Moscow region and New Moscow districts are now in a similar position. If we are able to prove our case and defend the right of people to live in their homes and on their land, we will restore people's confidence in that they can protect themselves from the unlawful actions of the authorities and investors."



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