Replacement for General Lopyrev arrested for bribes

Replacement for General Lopyrev arrested for bribes
Gennady Lopyrev

Kravchenko, who took the post of Security Service Head in the Caucasus, is already concluding government contracts, however, a decree on his appointment has not been published on the Kremlin website yet.

Sergey Kravchenko was appointed to a post of the Head of the Caucasus Security Service (CSS) of the Federal Guards Service (FSO) instead of General Gennady Lopyrev, who was arrested for corruption. RBC learnt about this from a source in the department. According to the data provided, as of 19 September, 2016 all agreements within the state procurements were signed with Kravchenko last name indicating the position as a temporarily in charge of the FSO CSS. In the contract dated December, 22 he is already referred to as the head of the CSS. The record of management change was introduced to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on January, 11 in 2017. Meanwhile, the decree on Kravchenko’s appointment has not been published on the Kremlin’s site so far. Official biography of the new head of the Caucasus unit is unavailable in the public domain.

Let us remind that the Caucasus unit of the FSO oversees residences of the president (Bocharov Ruchey residence in particular) and of the political executive.

As the CrimeRussia reported previously, Major-General Lopyrev, who was in charge of the FSO CSS since 2003, was detained in November 2016. General's attorney Ruslan Zakalyuzhny claims that his client will be convicted of several cases of bribery taking in 2013-2015 in the amount of 6.2 million roubles. The investigators believe that the Head of the Caucasus unit took money from the “heads of some commercial branches for overall patronage when concluding and executing state contracts on construction works”.

Meanwhile, referring to their own sources the media claimed that the FSO examination against the Major-General was carried out on the order of service director Dmitriy Kochnev. Experts highlight that there is an ongoing replacement of the old ‘Murov’s guard’ (Evgeny Murov left the post of the FSO Head in May 2016). Furthermore, RBC sources claimed that Lopyrev was supposed to vacate the office in spring-summer 2016, and a member of the presidential security service (a part of the FSO) was planned to be appointed to his post. However, the resignation took place only after the beginning of the General’s criminal prosecution. 



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