Putin warned Bush about impending September 11 attack

Putin warned Bush about impending September 11 attack

The president of the Russian Federation announced the terrorist action two days before the tragedy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the US President George W. Bush that militants are preparing a terrorist attack in the United States two days before the September 11 tragedy, former CIA analyst George Bibi writes in his book The Russian Trap: How Our Shadow War With Russia Can Cause A Nuclear Catastrophe. According to Bibi, the conversation took place over the phone. 

“Russian intelligence has spotted signs of an imminent terrorist campaign – something that has been prepared for a long time – emanating from Afghanistan,” RIA Novosti cited Bibi.

The American led the CIA’s analytical division, which was in charge of Russia, and now works as vice president of the Washington expert center for national interests.

On September 11, 2001, as a result of Al-Qaeda’s terrorist attack (banned in the Russian Federation), about three thousand people were killed.



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