Putin signed law on blocking "Columbine communities"

Putin signed law on blocking "Columbine communities"

A provider will have to immediately restrict access to a resource if the owner of a site with the forbidden content is inactive.

President Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for the immediate blocking of websites with information encouraging children to commit illegal life-threatening acts. The document has been published on the official online portal of legal information. Thus, specific sites about the AUE subculture and various “Columbine communities” will be immediately included into the register of prohibited resources. Although earlier, in accordance with the law On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection, resource administrators had a day to conduct the blocking.

Moreover, the document creates a mechanism that allows not to delete web pages containing such content, but to curb access to them. This will help the investigating authorities and the police to collect and record necessary evidence for the investigation.

To recap, this initiative was introduced by the vice-speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament, Irina Yarovaya. The law was approved in three readings in the State Duma, and also endorsed in the Federation Council.

Of note, it is Internet resources provoking children to aggression that the attack on the school in Sterlitamak in April of this year, as well as a similar story that occurred in Ulan-Ude in January, is associated with.



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