Putin’s KGB appraisal report disclosed

Putin’s KGB appraisal report disclosed

The document was exhibited at a presentation of declassified documents.

An appraisal report for the incumbent President of Russia Vladimir Putin has been disclosed in St. Petersburg.

The document was shown at an exhibition of declassified documents and materials about the first persons of the country and the city, which was organized by the Central State Archive of Historical and Political Documents of St. Petersburg on its 90th anniversary.

According to the 78 TV channel, the file says that Putin was registered with the Komsomol organization of the KGB in 1975. It is noted that he had gained the reputation of an “executive, disciplined and conscientious employee.” It is also emphasized that the would-be Russian president was responsible for organizational and sports work.

"Comrade V.V. Putin is constantly raising his ideological and political level. He is actively engaged in the party’s studies; always improving his professional skills,” the statement reads.

In addition, the document mentions that Vladimir Putin plays sports in his spare time, is a USSR master of sports in judo and sambo, and became the judo champion of Leningrad in 1976.



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