Putin pardons two murderers born in 1935 and 1937

Putin pardons two murderers born in 1935 and 1937

In addition, the criminal record will be removed from a Ukrainian citizen and young drug trafficker.

Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned four convicts, two of whom are more 80 years old. The relevant decrees are published on the legal information portal. In addition to the elderly murderers, the pardon was given to a citizen of Ukraine and a repentant drug dealer.


On May 20, President Putin issued presidential decrees on pardoning Gainikual Ayupova, born in 1935, Vladilen Litvinov, born in 1937, Sergey Gladkoborodov, born in 1971, and Zhanna Salamatina born in 2000. The decrees will come into force 10 days from the date of publication.

Ayupov was convicted in 2015 for the murder of a roommate during an argument. The elderly woman cannot walk and care for herself. Litvinov also caused fatal injuries to his bedridden wife. Litvinov’s son and daughter forgave him.

Gladkoborodov committed theft in Moscow and asked to withdraw his conviction, as it makes it difficult to enter Russia, where his elderly mother lives. Salamatina was convicted of selling drugs, but then repented and helped the investigation to solve the crime.



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