Putin orders to open analogues of Roldugin’s fund across country

Putin orders to open analogues of Roldugin’s fund across country
Vladimir Putin

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is responsible for the execution of this order.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave instructions formed on the basis of his Address to the Federal Assembly. One of them was the creation of centers of identification and support of gifted children across the country.

According to the instructions list published on the Kremlin web site, the centers should open, inter alia, on the basis of the country's leading educational organizations. At the same time, they are to be formed on the experience of the fund Talent and Success. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was appointed responsible for the execution of this initiative.

The foundation Talent and Success was founded in 2014. It was created to find and support talented children all over Russia. At its base, a children's education center in Sochi under the name Sirius operates. At that, in early November, Putin chided the organization in an inefficient waste of money, and threatened to withdraw its funding.

"We have allocated three hundred million, and 15% is used of it. This means that either work is not done properly, or they do not need that much money; then, it is necessary to allocate it for other purposes. There are options where to allocate money in the social sphere", said the President.

According to RBC, in the years 2017-2019, the Foundation Talent and Success will get more than one billion rubles. The following year, to the Foundation 576 million rubles will be allocated, in 2018 – 284 million, in 2019 – another 205.5 million. At that, most of the money will go to the presidential grants for gifted children. In particular, in the next year, the Foundation will spend 288 million rubles to help gifted children.

Who is the Chairman of the board of the Talent and Success?

The Chairman of the Board and one of the founders of the Foundation Talent and Success is cellist Sergey Roldugin – one of the best childhood friends of Vladimir Putin. According to the Panama dossier published by the journalists due to leakage of the Panamanian company registrar Mossak Fonseca, Roldugin leads a double life. In public, he is a talented cellist, and behind the scenes, he is the offshore companies network operator with assets of billions of dollars.

The investigation revealed that the offshore companies, directly or indirectly owned by Roldugin, received hundreds of millions from the Cyprus subsidiary of VTB, the money from deals with shares of Rosneft and Gazprom.

Offshore related to Roldugin, according to journalists, also controlled the shares in the field of TV commercials. Video International (VI), the largest seller of TV advertising in Russia. 20% of Vi belongs to the Cypriot company Med Media Network, and the sole shareholder of Med Media Network was the offshore company IMO, whose beneficiary is Roldugin.

As reported in the material of the German newspaper Süddeutche Zeitung, the possibility exists that Roldugin is not a man who earns on such transactions. As the Panamanian documents show, the musician rather "acts as a cover for those who are close to Putin, and perhaps for Putin himself."



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