Putin on why he would rather not talk to Poroshenko

Putin on why he would rather not talk to Poroshenko
Petro Poroshenko

According to the President of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian leader is good at creating crisis situations and provocations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not responded to attempts by President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, to have a talk on the phone, as he does not want to participate in his election campaign and the “simple scheme” associated with Ukraine’s Kerch provocation. Putin made the statement on Wednesday when commenting on the situation, Interfax reports.

According to the president, this is not about him simply being evasive. “It’s just that I don’t want to take part in his election campaign,” Putin said. He added that Poroshenko is good at creating crisis situations and provocations and quick to shift the responsibility for what he does to Russia, after which "he shows everyone that he has resolved all the issues successfully."

 “This is a simple scheme he has, and I don’t want to get involved in his arrangements, so I’m not going to,” Putin concluded.

The incident in the Kerch Strait occurred on November 25. FSB reported that three ships of the Ukrainian Navy violated the state border of the Russian Federation entering the Russian waters and maneuvering dangerously. The ships were detained and a criminal case of violation of the state border was initiated. 24 Ukrainian sailors were detained and arrested; they have already been transferred from the Crimea to Moscow. Ukraine used the incident to impose a 30-day martial law.



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