Putin on why he could possibly cease to be president

Putin on why he could possibly cease to be president

Putin has given an interview to Oliver Stone for his movie about Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a confession about the reason for which he could give up his fourth term in office. According to him, he could have done this, if he had been tired. This was his answer to American director and documentary filmmaker Oliver Stone.

Stone asked the Russian leader if he was tired, to which the head of state replied: “If I had been tired, I wouldn’t have run for the fourth term.” Stone’s new interview with Putin has been taken due to the fact that the director is shooting his new documentary about Ukraine.

During his most recent direct line, Putin also said that he was not tired to be a president. He also told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that he was not even going to think about what he would do if he stopped leading the country.

Putin was elected for his fourth presidential term in 2018. His 6-year term of presidency expires only in 2024. During this time, he plans to raise the standard of living of the Russians and ensure the country's security even in the long term.

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