Putin fired his former security guard from Governor of Kaliningrad region post

Putin fired his former security guard from Governor of Kaliningrad region post
Zinichev is at the center

The Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the Acting Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Yevgeny Zinichev, who took the post at the end of July 2016.

As the press-secretary of the Head of the state Dmitry Peskov claimed, the President transferred Zinichev to another post. The Interim Head of the region himself appealed to Putin with this request, with respect to family circumstances, Peskov stressed out.

The new Acting Head of the Kaliningrad Region was appointed the regional Prime Minister Anton Alihanov.

Yevgeny Zinichev became the Acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region on July 28th.

According to the official biography, Zinichev has long worked in the FSB and in 2015 he headed the FSB Department in the Kaliningrad region.

However, soon after his Zinichev's appointment there were revealed photos from TASS archives, in which the new Acting Kaliningrad Governor accompanied Putin on trips. Zinichev was signed on the pictures as the FSB and FSO officer.

Later, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed Zinichev's work in the Presidential Security Service.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Putin appointed two other FSO officers, his former adjuncts, as Acting Governors of the region in late July. The Yaroslavl Region was headed by Dmitry Mironov and the Tula Region by Alexey Dyumin.

RBC noted that the President's adjuncts are not just security guards. They collect all the operational information, transmit it to the Head of the state, connect him to the right people.

Meanwhile, in late August, Kaliningrad media put into question the presence of the higher education with the new Head in the region, because on the government website there was not a data of the Zinichev's university and specialty. The Kaliningrad region Government has refused to comment on this information to the local press.



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