Putin dismisses 10 generals and 2 prosecutors 

Putin dismisses 10 generals and 2 prosecutors
President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

The document does not elaborate on the reasons for the reshuffling.

On March, 9 President Vladimir Putin selected out by the special decree 10 generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) and the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), as well as two regional prosecutors.

The document on high-ranking officials’ dismissal from office is published on the official portal of legal information.

It particularly specifies dismissed officials: Vladimir Berglezov, the head of the MIA General Administration for Transport Administration in the Volga Federal District, Sergey Bobrovnichiy, Lieutenant-General of Justice, head of the Criminal Investigations Office in Primorsky Krai, Alexander Gnezdilov, the major-general of the internal service, the chief of the FSIN in the Saratov region, Alexander Novikov, Major-General, head of the Department of Educational, Social and Psychological Work of the FSIN, Vitaly Fedotov, Major-General of the police, head of the MIA in the Vologda Region, Sergey Solodovnikov, Lieutenant-General of the police, head of the MIA in the Samara Region, Alexander Filin, Major-General of Justice, Senior Investigator for Especially Important Cases under the ICR chairman, Sergey Zhevlakovich, Major General of the police, the first deputy head of the Moscow University of the Ministry of the Interior named after Kikot, Ivan Shayev, Lieutenant-General of the police, Chief of the MIA in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Ramazan Yagyaev, Major General of Internal Service, Chief of the FSIN in the Republic of Mordovia.

The same presidential decree also releases from the post prosecutors of the Jewish Autonomous Region Lydia Dyakonova and of the republic of Chuvashia Sergey Legostaev. By the same decree №105 8 generals were appointed to new posts.

The previous decree on the dismissal of a number of high-ranking officials of the MIA, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the ICR Vladimir Putin signed on February, 2. Then 16 generals were dismissed from their posts.




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