Putin dismissed MIA Main Directorate Chief in Krasnoyarsk Region Vadim Antonov

Putin dismissed MIA Main Directorate Chief in Krasnoyarsk Region Vadim Antonov
Vadim Antonov

Crime Russia’s predictions on Antonov’s resignation have confirmed despite denials of the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Chief Directorate.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the resignation of the Chief of the Main Directorate of the Krasnoyarsk Region Vadim Antonov.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that the resignation of the Head of the Department was known a few weeks ago. According to unofficial sources, in July, the departmental ministerial inspection took place in the Krasnoyarsk police. On what occasion it was carried out and what was found during it have not yet been disclosed.

The press service of the authority did not comment on the apparition of the Moscow inspectors, and refuted the information about the resignation of their boss.

It is to be noted that Antonov’s resignation was preceded by two high-profile dismissals. The Head of the Krasnoyarsk Governor’s Administration for security and prevention of corruption and other offenses Aleksandr Bukarin was earlier fired as well. During the last 8 years, he was in charge of the organization of interaction of the governor's Administration with the security forces. Also, the agency headed by Bukarin was engaged in anti-corruption monitoring and preparation of proposals to fight it. And earlier this year, the Vice-Governor in charge of relations with the security forces, Igor Chernokov was replaced by the FSB General Paul Solodkov.

Vadim Antonov was appointed to the post of the Chief of the Krasnoyarsk Region MIA MD in April 2011. A year later, he was awarded the rank of lieutenant-general of police. He was awarded with the medals For of Merit of the II degree, For valor in service and For the military cooperation and many others.

We add that today, the President signed a decree on dismissal of the Deputy Head of the MD of the State Procedural Control in the field of combating corruption, the Major-General Dmitry Shershakov and the first Deputy Head of the MD for the Investigative Committee support Vitaly Frolov.

In addition, the Deputy Minister of the Bashkortostan Police Major General Vyacheslav Andreev, the Deputy Head of the Academy of the Interior Ministry Lieutenant General of Police Vasily Bykadorov, the Head of Emergency Situations Ministry in the Orenburg Region, the Major General of the Internal Service Pyotr Ivanov, the first Deputy Head of the Main Department of private security of MIA Major General Alexey Laushkin also lost their jobs. Along with them, the Samara Region prosecutor Murat Kabaloev, prosecutor of the Stavropol Territory Yuriy Turygin, the Head of the Investigation Department of the ICR in the Tambov Region Major-General of Justice Alexander Tiskovsky and the Deputy Head of the ICR Directorate in the Krasnoyarsk Region, the Colonel of Justice Vladimir Skvortsov were fired as well.



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